Connecting people, minds, and nature

There are times in your life when you know you need to escape your routine and plunge into the unknown, while still being in your own city. Sometimes it happens naturally after a work cycle that comes to an end. I believe one way to restart yourself is to be closer to nature and to learn from it in order to get inspired for your next step. But nature is not only outside, it is often more important to look inside and understand how your mind and body work and recover from factors you are not even aware of.

After hearing a lot of stories about depression, anxiety, and stress from different people in my life, I now really live with the belief that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. While still being at the beginning of a journey, practicing Yoga and talking to people who really are focusing on the mind first has helped me cope with different things that happened to me lately. I also happened to be asked to photograph some of these lovely humans and try to show the light within them.


Kate, LUVI Yoga

As I am taking some time off from an office job, I’d love to work on more portraits, meet and connect with people that value kindness, create meaningful connections and are involved in sustainable projects in their communities in and around Amsterdam.

Ultimately, I believe having a community of minds and souls that are connected is the most sustainable way of living.


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