Handmade pasta, vegan Asian/Italian fusions, and elegant French cakes

The past year I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing people doing what they love most: making and sharing food while blending in psychology, music, vintage French chicness and overall good vibes.


Lavinia cakes’n buttons – the Marie-Louise entremet cake workshop described as a “Goya inspiration and a workshop: Vanilla white chocolate mousse entremet with amaretto dacquoise, strawberry, and dark chocolate” instantly made me think I needed to capture Lavinia’s magic kitchen and her funny stories from her Romanian/Dutch life. So, I did that as you can see below, but would definitely recommend visiting her chic chocolate paradise in The Hague to experience it on your own.

Copy of IMG_6095.jpgCopy of IMG_6006

Copy of IMG_6082.jpgCopy of IMG_6051.jpg

Serena’s IDEA – as a young Italian psychologist who loves to make her own pasta, she came up with an idea – creating pasta making workshops for businesses and individuals in which she can analyse behaviours, but also teach them how to make their own healthy pasta. I had a lot of fun seeing how she moves around her kitchen and came up with some nice shots.


H/eart.h– the nature inspired hangout space in the heart of De Pijp is where Valentino and Marco have welcomed me with their south Italian vibes from the first time I stepped in, in winter 2017. I’ve been trying all their vegan Tiramisùs, delicious soups, and every single creation or Italian/Asian fusion they’ve come up with, since the turn of each season.

Their latest recipes added to the 2018 Spring menu are now a success and I was glad to have photographed them.


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