8th of March 2020, an ode to women’s portraits

An afternoon with Yassmin (project manager) Melanie – the holistic medicine professional & dance therapist Dominika – improv theatre teacher Frédérique Verblakt – sustainable fashion entrepreneur Nina – improv theatre teacher Dunia – traveller Raluca & her business partner Noortje – feminist speaker at Creative Mornings

Women’s March Amsterdam 2019

A selection of photos I took during Women’s March in Amsterdam. Here’s to the brave women and their supporters who joined us physically and in spirit! My team of florists and I also handed flowers 🌹 that were rescued from some local flower shops, so no waste involved there! We were heard and seen, and we were…

Connecting people, minds, and nature

There are times in your life when you know you need to escape your routine and plunge into the unknown, while still being in your own city. Sometimes it happens naturally after a work cycle that comes to an end. I believe one way to restart yourself is to be closer to nature and to…

Fashion/urban/dance photography

For a long time I’ve been planning to experiment in this direction with photography but postponed it for various reasons. After more than a year of getting to know my talented friend Ivana, who is a dancer, marketeer, and natural model, we finally picked a date and went shooting in the north of Amsterdam. The…

Handmade pasta, vegan Asian/Italian fusions, and elegant French cakes

The past year I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing people doing what they love most: making and sharing food while blending in psychology, music, vintage French chicness and overall good vibes.   Lavinia cakes’n buttons – the Marie-Louise entremet cake workshop described as a “Goya inspiration and a workshop: Vanilla white chocolate mousse…

Acoustic Sunday session

Recently, I discovered a new place in my neighbourhood, De Pijp. It’s a soulful living-room type of restaurant called H/eart.h, where you can find delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. But that’s not the main reason I’m writing about it, although food is heavenly! I absolutely love their Acoustic Sunday sessions with artists of all kinds,…

Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice

Miss Autumn is already in its full activity here in Amsterdam. Like every autumn I love to play a bit in my kitchen, making sweet treats for my friends and I, that we can enjoy with a cup of tea or hot chocolate while telling stories. Since a couple of weeks ago I got inspired to…

Dutch couple at the beach

September started with different shoots in and around Amsterdam, including this one at the beach  with a newly married Dutch couple.

Hello, this is me!

I have just put together this short video in which you can see a small part of who I am and what I do while taking photos around Amsterdam. Want a video like this one? It’s that easy! Contact me 🙂

New portraits in Amsterdam

Along with spring, I started getting more requests of portraits around Amsterdam and I would like to invite you to see a couple of them below. From single portraits to engagement shots or maternity portraits, Amsterdam is a great location for vivid portraits telling happy stories! What’s your story? I would like to hear from you! Elise