Product Design & Photography

Hi, I am Elise, and welcome to my Product / UX & UI Design and Photography portfolio!

I am currently based in Amsterdam, but am open to projects worldwide in either Design or Photography. Over the past 8 years, I have learned a lot about Marketing, Design, and Technology, always focusing on the human aspect and the impact of what my work can have. I am particularly interested in subjects that cover the intersection between accessibility, sustainability, and fairness.

Product / UX & UI Design

Using creativity and problem-solving skills as part of my Product / UX & UI Design journey, I have managed to work on interesting projects in sustainable transportation, Dutch education, healthcare, the COVID-19 crisis management, as well as small businesses in different areas. My work was most often in collaboration with other talented Designers, Product Owners, Engineers, and Brand Marketers.

Through the menu options, you will be able to find a selection of my Product Design portfolio including digital products that are now live and which I’ve worked on since 2019 up to now. In each project, I am showcasing UX Design, User Research, and UI Design processes. In short, I dealt with existing or needing new design systems from scratch, conducting redesigns for platforms or designing new features for existing portals, and building landing pages for different business needs. I also had challenges regarding building MVPs for completely new web platforms for different audiences or mobile apps. I also designed, built, and delivered websites/webshops for clients in the wellness, travel, and sustainable fashion industries.


What started as a hobby, turned out to be a way to help individuals and businesses alike express themselves through visual stories. In my work, I like to photograph (and video record) people and their life stories, their important moments in life, or simply just capture their beauty to boost their confidence. I also help small businesses showcase why, how, and what they love to do what they do.

My other passions are visual art, music, dance, cuisine, and craftsmanship so you will also find examples of capturing details or moments from different events.

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