Product Design & Photography

Hi, I am Elise, and welcome to my Product Design & Photography portfolio!

I am currently based in lovely Amsterdam, but open for projects worldwide. Over the past 8 years, as a human with a lot of curiosity and excitement for new things, I have successfully combined the two disciplines in my professional life. Using creativity and problem-solving skills as part of my UX Design journey, I have reached a number of accomplishments and learnings that are now making me very proud and humble at the same time. Most of my work includes collaborative work with amazing Product designers, owners, and engineers.

Product / UX & UI Design

Through the menu options, you will be able to find a selection of my Product Design work. I am showcasing projects with their UX methodology, UX Design, UX Research, and UI Design. If you’re interested to read, you will discover a variety of projects I’ve done since 2019 including building new platforms, conducting redesigns, designing new features for existing portals, as well as working on mobile and web apps.


What started as a hobby, turned out to be a way to help individuals and businesses alike express themselves through visual stories. In my work, I like to photograph (and video record) people and their life stories, their important moments in life, or simply just capture their beauty to boost their confidence. I also help small businesses showcase why, how, and what they love to do what they do. My other passions are visual art, cuisine, music, and dance and because of that, you will also find examples of journalistic work from different relevant events.

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