About me

Hey, I am Elise Gherlan, a UX/UI Designer focused on Product and projects that are not always for-profit, as I believe in giving back to our communities even if on location is often not possible. I also do photography which enables me to connect with different people and communicate better, bringing my empathy level higher with each photoshoot I do.

I am passionate about sustainability, environmental issues, helping others in times of crisis and beyond, but also how the latest tech developments can bring solutions in unexpected ways.

In my personal life I love travelling, cooking, and exchanging languages (I speak four šŸ˜€) and one of my goals is to live in 3 more countries in the next 10 years. As a Lindy Hop dancer and fan of yoga, I like to keep a balance between an active social life and self-awareness. 

On this website you’ll see my UX/UI Design portfolio but also my Photography portfolio.

On social media you find me under the name of VisuElise where I mainly post photography.

This is me on a beautiful summer evening in Amsterdam