About me

Hey, I am Elise Gherlan, a  UX/UI Designer who studied and worked at Ironhack. I am also a photographer with a marketing/advertising background.

I am now aiming to working on digital products along other tech  and design enthusiasts and made this switch as for a long time I’ve been creating content, but wanted to actually solve problems through design.

I am passionate about projects that involve sustainability, local communities but also latest tech developments. As storytelling and film are some of the topics I studied, I like to use them in my designs.

In my personal life I love travelling, cooking, and exchanging languages (I speak four 😀) and one of my goals is to live in 3 more countries in the next 10 years. As a Lindy Hop dancer and fan of yoga, I like to keep a balance between an active social life and self-awareness. 

On this website you’ll see my UX/UI Design portfolio but also my Photography portfolio.

On social media you find me under the name of VisuElise where I mainly post photography.

This is me on a beautiful summer evening in Amsterdam