Project: QoWork - onboarding software for new employees
Date: Mar 2019
My role:  UX Research, UX / UI Design, UX Strategy


Apply UX Research, UX Design, and UI Design to build a digital product solving a complex problem that many people face every day in their personal or professional lives.


77% of employees decide to stay or go within the first 6 months. Onboarding programs help employee satisfaction, reduce stress during the first months, and increase retention on the long-term.


Having a digital tool offering a clear timeline of events that is personalised to each employee, starting with preboarding (the moment they signed their contract), up to their first day (onboarding starts) and the end of their probation month(s). They are able to book informal meetings through an integrated Google calendar API and see their caffeine score (gamification) with each coffee they book. Last but not least, requests for specific needs such as hardware, software, furniture as well as their personal data can be entered before the first day.


Build a desktop app that is personalised for each user, tracking their onboarding progress.

QoWork offers:

1. Timeline of internal events: pre-boarding and onboarding

2. Easy booking of informal meetings during onboarding

3. Suggested requests for employees

4. Data-entry for HR purposes during pre-boarding

5. Chat with HR

UX Design & Methodology

  • Competitor analysis
  • Desk research
  • Problem definition & hypotheses
  • User research (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Building 2 personas
  • Affinity diagram
  • Feature prioritisation for MVP
  • Wireframing low-fidelity & user testing with prototype
  • Wireframing in Sketch mid-fidelity & user testing with inVision prototype
  • UI: Wireframing high-fidelity in Sketch, prototype in Anima
  • Defining next steps

See below how some of the steps were done.

Lean Survey Canvas
Primary User Persona
Style tile