Project: Basqet - the digital journey of a local supermarket
Date: Jan 2019
My role: UX / UI Design, Brand strategy, Photography
Collaborators: Ashlee Valdes, Rogier Knoops, Maarten van Hoogdalem
Desktop site
iOS app concept
Android app concept


Basqet, the leading regional supermarket needs to start selling through an e-commerce platform while keeping their premium, neighbourhood feel to its existing customers and bringing a new product to its offering.


The Netherlands throws away 5 million kilos of food every day. Premium grocery shoppers care about the environment and about food waste.


Basqet launching their online grocery store at the same time with a new feature that appeals to its conscious customers.


Build an E-commerce grocery shop with premium products, convenient delivery, and a personalised experience in tone with the brand’s authentic neighbourhood look and feel. The special feature is a selection of fresh meals made by chefs using surplus food from Basqet’s supplies. They are low-waste, come in 3 varieties and are cheaper than the regular meals offered by Basqet’s regular amenities. The current customers can spread the word about Basqet’s new positioning and new conscious customers will be attracted by the low-waste meal feature.

UX Design & Methodology

  • Competitor analysis
  • Desk research
  • Problem definition & hypotheses
  • User research (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Building 2 personas
  • Affinity diagram
  • Feature prioritisation for MVP
  • Wireframing low-fidelity & user testing with paper prototype
  • Wireframing in Sketch mid-fidelity & user testing with inVision prototype
  • UI: Wireframing high-fidelity in Sketch, interaction design in Principle, in addition concepts for Android and iOS apps.
  • Defining next steps

See below how some of the steps were done.

Affinity diagram
Primary User Persona
Low-fidelity paper prototype

For the UI part, I worked on colour palette, branding, and photography and some of the UI elements such as buttons and forms. I was responsible for the Android design as well. Please download the style guide if you want to see more details.

Design system example
Style guide