People doing what they love

This post is about some of the talented individuals I have had the honour to capture throughout the past few years. Some of them were at the start of their new businesses, others were well into them, and others just wanted some fun photos for their promotion on different channels.

I cherish being able to spend an hour or two hearing people’s stories and getting inspired at the same time. I love noticing from behind the camera lens the little details about them that make them who they are!

Daisy Lee – seamstress & costume maker

Emma Tate – ceramist

Andreas – yoga teacher & massage

Valentino – chef & business owner at Hearth

Kate – yoga teacher & studio owner

Theo – coach

Martin – chiropractor

Serena – psychologist & pasta queen

Natalia, Loic & Emilie – home cooks for Eatwith platform

Devout – crochet artist at a creative market

Raluca & Vincent – business partners

Melanie – integrative medicine practitioner & healing through dance